Thank you for choosing Lowrys Animal Hospital to care for your pet(s) while you are away. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care for your pet(s) and treat all of our boarding guest like members of our own family. Below you will find some helpful information regarding requirements for your pet(s) to board with us, as well as other services provided while your pet is staying with us.

Requirements for Boarding

***Please note, these requirements were compiled to ensure the well being of your pet as well as other pets in our care. There will be no exceptions to these requirements under any circumstances! ***


Proof of current vaccination is required for any pet to be boarded at Lowrys Animal Hospital.

Any pets boarding with us at Lowrys Animal Hospital must be up to date on the required vaccinations in order to board. For your pet(s) safety vaccines which are not current must be administered a minimum of five (5) days prior to boarding. If your pet(s) vaccines are set to expire during your pet’s stay with us here at Lowrys Animal Hospital, you may make arrangements to have his or her annual wellness with vaccines performed by our veterinarians during his or her stay.

The vaccinations required for boarding are as follows:


  • Annual Kennel Cough (Bordatella) vaccine
  • Distemper vaccine
  • Parvo vaccine
  • Leptospirosis vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine


  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Feline Distemper (FVRCP) vaccine
  • Feline Leukemia vaccine (for cats who spend time outside)

If your pet is not up to date on his or her vaccinations, he/she will not be allowed to board with us. If the vaccines were not administered by Lowrys Animal Hospital, owners are responsible to provide the current vaccination record from their primary Veterinarian.

Flea Medication

All pets boarded at our facility are required to be treated for fleas with a prescription strength product. We accept the following products: Comfortis, Trifexis, Seresto collar, Revolution or Advantage Multi with the proof of purchase from a veterinary hospital. If any fleas are noticed on your pet Lowrys Animal Hospital will treat your pet at your expense with Comfortis (cost ranges from $17.00 - $ 19.00 depending on your pet’s weight)

Heartworm/ Intestinal Parasite Medication

Lowrys Animal Hospital Requires that your pet is on a heartworm prevention to protect your pet as well as other pets at our facility. You must provide proof of purchase from a Veterinarian of your heartworm prevention. A negative Heartworm test is required within the last 24 months

For dogs a negative fecal examination is required within 12 months of boarding to ensure that your pet is free of any intestinal parasites.


For the safety of our staff as well as our other boarders, Lowrys Animal Hospital boarding facility reserves the right to refuse to board any animal that is deemed overly aggressive or has severe behavioral problems.

Consent Forms and Information Forms

Please note that Owners must fill out and complete all necessary forms for their pet to be admitted to our boarding facility. Forms can be filled out the day of the drop-off appointment or can be pre-printed from our website and filled out before the pet’s boarding drop off appointment. Please allow some extra time the day of the boarding drop off so that a member of our staff can review all forms with you and answer any questions you may have.


Our boarding rates do not include furnishing food for your pet. Owners are asked to bring their pet’s food pre-packaged for every meal with their pet at the time of drop off. We recommend using Zip-Lock sandwich bags with pre-measured portions for every meal. Please make sure to pack some extra portions in case the stay needs to be extended. 

If you wish for Lowrys Animal Hospital to provide your pet’s food there will be an additional charge. Please be sure to include the amount which you feed as well as how often your pet gets fed on your pet’s boarding questionnaire. Here at Lowrys Animal Hospital we feed Purina EN, a gastro-intestinal diet.

Please note, that if your pet has to eat a special prescription food you are responsible for furnishing the food without any exceptions. We sell some prescription diets here at Lowrys Animal Hospital, but cannot guarantee that we have your pet’s diet in stock for you to purchase at the time of his or her boarding appointment without at least a five (5) days advanced notice. If your pet is not a Lowrys Animal Hospital patient and you wish to purchase prescription food which we carry from us, we require a prescription from your regular veterinarian. Please call ahead to inquire if you wish to purchase prescription food to ensure that we have it in stock.


Pet owners are responsible for providing the medication for the duration of their pet’s stay. All medication must be in its original bottle with the label attached, separate from all other medication and any food (We will not accept medications if more than one medication is in a bottle and/or bottles are not properly labeled). If you use a specific food or treat to administer oral medications to your pet, please make sure you bring those with for your pet along with the medication. If your pet’s medication is a controlled substance, the medication will be counted by the owner as well as one of our staff members to verify quantities. We will only accept the amount necessary for your pet’s stay plus a couple additional days if your pet’s medication is a controlled substance. Our staff members must count and log the amount of all controlled substance medications before and after each time the medication is administered to your pet. 

If your pet requires insulin injections, you are required to supply the insulin as well as syringes and needles for the duration of the pet’s stay plus a couple of extra days in case your pet’s stay is extended. We do ask that all diabetic pets are boarded by themselves so that they can be monitored more closely just in case their eating, drinking or bathroom habits change, even if the owner is boarding more than one pet.

Check-in and Check-out times

Times for pet drop off for check-in:

Monday through Friday 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Times for pet pick-up for check-out:

Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 11:30 am

Weekend drop off and pick up times 

Saturday and Sunday by appointment

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